Picking a bear guide / outfitter

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Picking a bear guide / outfitter

Unread postby dan » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:56 am

Every year I hear about people not getting what they expect out of a paid bear hunt... There are easy ways to avoid disappointment. I used to guide deer hunters and was always amazed at how people dwelled on the wrong things when questioning me about the hunts... Deer hunting is a far cry from bear hunting, but the lesson is still the same. The people who would ask about deer hunts would ask only a few questions like: How big are the bucks? Whats your success rate? and the big one, How much money?
Although these questions can be important, there is far more to picking an outfitter / guide than how much he charges... So, lets make a list of the right questions to ask when considering a guide.... I will start.

1) Make sure you talk to as many guides in the area that you can. Don't just speak with one, even if you think he might be the one.

2) Ask if they are hunting public or private lands.

3) how much pressure? How close together does he put his baits to each other? How many other hunters does he see in the area annually?

4) What is the biggest complaint you get from your clients.

5) What makes you a better choice than other outfitters in the area?

6) What do you use for bait? How many baits per hunter? How long and how often do you bait prior to my arrival?

7) Can you give me 3 successful and 3 unsuccessful references not from your home state that I can call and ask about there hunts?

How many years have you been guiding?

9) How long have you hunted bears? Tell me about your success?

10) Success rate of shots offered, success rates of bears taken.

11) What do you think of passing small bears for larger? Do you encourage bear managment?

12) How many hunters do you take each year? How many guides per hunter?

13) Are there any obligations that I must do, like bait my own spots?

14) Is lodging included? Are meals included?

15) Is fishing included?

16) What is the average size of bear taken in your camp.

17) How far from the road are your baits?

18) Do you drop me off and pick me up from baits?

19) How do you choose your bait sites?

20) Do you hunt the same spots every year?

21) Whats your rule if I shoot a bear and can't find it? Do I get to continue hunting?

22) Are your spots picked with bow hunters in mind?

23) How do you preserve my hide for mounting?

Ok, enough for now... Who is next?

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Re: Picking a bear guide / outfitter

Unread postby NSOUTFITTER » Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:16 am

What really makes a great bear guide or any guide/ oufitter for that matter is the distance that you go above and beyond what you provide your sports with , do you not only provide them with a hunt of a lifetime you go above and beyond to give them that special advantage that will make them notice that you are the real deal .

One thing as a guide is , you should never have to tell someone or make them believe you are good , they should see it and believe it for themselves , self confidence is good but sometimes overpowering and discouraging to hunters looking for a great hunt and fell that the guide or outfitter is just pulling their chain . Tell your sports the honest trueth about anything and everything you do, be up front .

Make your sports feel welcome , let them know that you appreciate their presence and are abliged that they are trusting you to prived them with a hopefully terrific & successful hunt .

As an outfitter /guide you will also learn just as much from your sports most of the time as your sport will learn from you the guide /outfitter . Take notice to that .... I find it very interesting to sit down and chat with out sports , the best outdoor education you will ever find in my opinion.

Be a listener not just a talker !! Be responsive to what they are thinking and telling you about how they are feeling or what they wanting their hunt to represent , not just what you want to give them . Don't have a one track mind !!! Be open minded to their idea's.

One time at a sports show I was asked ..................

Whats the chances of shooting a 160" deer if I was to hunt with you ... Well I stopped for a second and then said well ,,, this is how it is ..........the chances of you seeing let alone harvesting a 160" whitetail is a slim chance . Though they are there we just don't have them behind every tree. Well he said thank you, thats good to know and walked away. Well about 2 hours went by and he came back by the booth and said you know so and so down there says they can guarentee me a sighting and even more a harvest of a 150 -160 class buck if I book with him . Why should I book with you instead ? Well right then I said ,,, you know thats wonderfull and I wished him all the best of luck on his hunt ,,,,but to my surprise after I was done telling him that ,him and his brother said ,,,,,,we would like to book a hunt with you ............... I was like why would you want to do such a thing if you can go there and be sure of a 150-160 class buck ...........He replied ....."Cause you are honest ". Now not all people would say that as they do want to harvest that 160" buck but ,hey he asked and I told him the trueth on what I could offer ...... That fall he laid eyes on a 135-140" buck but never harvested it as he was hunting with his x-bow and was too far for him too shoot . They have rebooked with us again for this year .

There are many factors that can go into conideration on who you choose for an outfitter, it mostly is the sports personal preferance ,,,but as a guide/outfitter you want to be all in 100% with each and every hunt !!!

These are just a few things that have made us successfull so far and we are still in the walking stages of our careers but have much to learn and more to even perfect .

Thanks Jamie Hicks
Cobequid Big Game Oufitters

Now Dan this was not much about how to choose a bear guide but it all partakes into what you are looking for in a guide /outfitter. You pretty well summed it up partner but I just though I would add a bit to it . Thanks
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Re: Picking a bear guide / outfitter

Unread postby Bearman13 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:08 pm

Yup I'm up front with everyone. When people call saying they need a 300 pound plus bear I tell them go to Canada. And they're shocked. No need to fudge the numbers. There's not a booner or p&y behind every tree or in every bait pile. Where I guide isn't a no bear Mecca.

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Re: Picking a bear guide / outfitter

Unread postby Justin85 » Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:01 pm

Why not north Carolina? ;)

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