QUESTION 63 / training hounds during hunting season...

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Would you be in favor of allowing the training of hounds on bear during the portion of the bear

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QUESTION 63 / training hounds during hunting season...

Unread postby dan » Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:06 pm

Wisconsin laws up for vote

QUESTION 63 – Training of hounds during the harvest season

During the bear harvest season a group of hound hunters must have at least one person with a valid Class
A bear harvest license to run their hounds. Some hound hunters simply wish to run their hounds and are
not interested in harvesting a bear. Houndsmen have many hours invested in training and many dollars
invested in care for their hounds through out the year. This would not allow hounds to be run during the
period of time when only bait hunting is allowed. This proposal would likely result in more hounds in the
woods during the open bear hunting season simply for the purpose of pursuing bears and not harvesting a
bear. The department and some non-dog bear hunters are concerned that this might have the unintended
consequence of increasing conflicts between the individual who uses dogs for training purposes, and those
bear hunters who are out trying to hunt a bear without the use of dogs.

Would you be in favor of allowing the training of hounds on bear during the portion of the bear
season that allows the use of hounds to harvest bear with out being in possession of a Class A
harvest permit?

63. YES _______ NO _______

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Re: QUESTION 63 / training hounds during hunting season...

Unread postby Hilts » Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:51 am

While although I wouldn't mind being able to run my hounds more, I am not in favor of this. One reason being is that it will do nothing but people off. Also, I thought that the compromise they had with the alternating season set-up kept most of both parties satisfied. If it passes it is going to cause arguments of fairness between the 2 groups and lead to more rules and season changes in the future. I think the fall seasons are fine the way they are. The one change that should be made is to open up the season for bait sitters earlier in zone C to take better advantage of bear movement before it starts the fall shutdown. This would increase harvest rates and probably also take some pressure off of the other zones as a few more people may choose to hunt C with an earlier season.

I don't think it will create any more issues in the woods than there already is. Those that are already disrespectful will continue to be with out this change. These people come in the form of bait sitters that think all land within a mile of their bait sites should be off limits to others... to houndsmen that ignore property lines and run off of others baits.

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