scouting report 04-12-10

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scouting report 04-12-10

Unread postby 3dog » Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:06 am

Friday afternoon - Scouted 2 river bottoms, heard hens clucking in one, saw good scratching in other, no gobbling.

Saturday morning – The better half and I jumped into a big valley before where I’ve been hearing 3 to 6 gobblers consistently. Sat in the middle of a large brush pile where we could stay away from the birds. 15 minutes after daylight, spotted a hen 250 vards away, she made a direct bee line to our brush pile and busted us a 6 yards. 7:30 the tom that had been gobbling on the hill finally came out to the valley, he was toting a jake and 6 hens. We slipped out to avoid detection.

Saturday afternoon – Went grocery shopping, no gobbling

Sunday morning – Better half and I split-up. She went to the big valley and I to the river bottoms with good scratching. We both hit paydirt. She heard 2 groups of 3, the first three were on private adjacent to the public. The other three were in the middle of the public. Note, the birds did not run the same pattern as the morning before. I got lucky and there were 3 gobbling in the general vicinity of where I saw the scratching Friday afternoon. Note all birds moved deeper into the river bottoms after fly down.

Sunday afternoon – Went fishing, caught a nice small mouth, no gobbling.

Monday morning – Went back to the river bottom birds, they changed roosts by 300 yards. Note, I see/hear a lot of these birds roosted by small sloughs. It seems they like to hang over small bodies of water, possible easy flight/escape route??

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Re: scouting report 04-12-10

Unread postby hunt n nut » Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:48 am

3dog wrote:
Saturday afternoon – Went grocery shopping, no gobbling

Hey Bob, so did you not get a turkey at the grocery store? and was it because they were not gobbling? :?

Thanks for the report, and good luck out there this spring

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