Michigan proposed deer reg changes June 5 comment deadline

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Uncle Lou
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Michigan proposed deer reg changes June 5 comment deadline

Unread postby Uncle Lou » Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:02 pm

First off, sorry for short notice on comment period. But you have all day today to read it and comment if you like. I just went through the first 22 pages which is the Memo, the last 20 pages is the Conservation Order with a bunch of legal references, I barely skimmed that for now. It is 42 pages in all.

Comments are due today at

There are a lot of proposed changes, I was kind of surprised. In my short review, the main theme was hunter numbers continue to decrease and heard is growing so opportunities are increasing.

Some main points:

1. Anterless opportunities for UP Combo lic.

2. Zone 3, or Southern Lower Peninsula Essentially no Muzzleloader season, as it will be open to firearm, so basically an extension of firearm season

3. Shortened Zone 3 MZ season to coincide with Zone 2 and Zone 3. It isn't really MZ anyway unless you want to use one, it extends late doe

4. They had a lot of stuff about CWD area, APRs, transporting, ...

5. Antlerless option for Deer or Combo lic, which was traditionally buck only, except in the TB zone since 2010, and maybe in CWD also, I don't hunt there so I don't know
6. Extended Urban hunt which is Archery only in highest populated area Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties another year through 2021

There are a lot of proposed changes. I don't really have a problem with them, I just like to know the rules. It is a large herd and a fairly diverse state so you can go different places and have different experiences if you choose. I think they will get some pushback on some of these, but they definitely increase hunter opportunities IF all of these go into effect.

Feel free to check it out and comment here, or directly to the NRC at the above email. Let them know if you take issue with anything

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Re: Michigan proposed deer reg changes June 5 comment deadline

Unread postby westmichigander » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:31 am

They need to add-

Allow for use of a 30-30 rifle in the "limited firearm" zone. My 450 shoots faster, heavier and further but I can't use my lever :(

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