Carol Infalt
"Pet Care Pro"

I have gravitated towards animals my whole life. I am actively involved in several organizations, working rescue, transport, dog training, wildlife rehabilitation, seminars, symposiums and more.

I am owner of Carols Critter Care, a professional pet sitting service. I started a wonderful adventure in 2006 and became a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator all because my husband brought home a injured baby raccoon. Promised the DNR warden if he let me keep that little coon I had nursed back to health that I'd become a rehabber. Little did I know at the time he'd jump at that offer because there are no rehabbers in Jefferson Co.

I am the founder of Rome's Wildlife Haven. I hold all proper permits and licenses to work with wildlife. RWH was formed in 2006 and serves all of SE WI. Our main focus is Raccoons, however we will take in any mammal. We are not licensed for Birds of any kind. We currently have 5 keeper coons who for one reason or another can not be released back into the wild. We also have 2 skunks!

I am the founder of Pigs Home N Rome. PHNR was formed in 2000 to help the potbellied pigs of Wisconsin. Thru the years PHNR has placed many pigs into new homes. Though we no longer take in pigs to the rescue, we are still actively involved in the placement and education of the potbellied pig.

Offices I've held or are current;
Past Secretary of Milwaukee Elks
Past Vice President of NAPPA
Past Vice President of IPPR
Past BOD of Pigs As Pets
Current Vice President of Atagahi Wildlife Haven

Member in Good Standing with;
Better Business Bureau
Sullivan Area Chamber of Commerce
WI Dog Rescue

I enjoy animal photography/wildlife photography, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, rendezvous & pow-wows. Traveling, Camping, Spending time with the family and my critters.

Married to Dan Infalt for the past 23 years. 3 kids and a variety of critters call me Mom! Our latest adventure together is the Hunting Beast